Waterville Estates Village District THREE MONTH PLAN

  1. We will maintain your Community Center, your Campton Mountain, and your Service Yard/Shop in a way that is safe for employees, community members, and guests.
  2. We are working to install an untreated water source to make snow at Campton Mountain for next year’s ski season.
  3. We will build a business plan for Campton Mountain that includes snowmaking, lodge operations, marketing, and possible year-round usage.
  4. We will define the relationship between WEA and WEVD, improving cooperation and coordination.
  5. We will review the current employee organization and determine what is needed to meet the Municipality’s future needs.
  6. We will review and consider the Water Master Plan to ensure the water system is healthy and well maintained.
  7. We will identify and implement cost cutting measures.
  8. We will re-work the WEVD financials to be clear and understandable to all.
  9. We will address deferred maintenance, so our Community Center, Ski Lodge, and Service Yard/Shop are kept in the best condition possible.