At the April 25th board meeting there was a desire expressed to solicit feedback from the community to suggest what the priority might be for larger expenditures within the community. As a result,the board decided that we will form a community input committee. The purpose of this committee would be to reach out to the membership to see what they feel our priorities should be with respect to budgeting (over and above our ongoing commitments). These expenditures might come out of CIF funds, dues, or taxes, depending on the category that they fit into.
We are soliciting volunteers to be a part of this committee. There will be two board members on the committee. The chair will be Mike Hering, with Samantha Ciaston also being on the committee.Some members of the community expressed an interest in being on the committee at the meeting. That is great. Thank you! We are also seeking additional applicants. The committee will provide feedback to the long term planning committee. The long term planning committee, in turn, provides feedback to both the board of directors as well as the district commission.
This is a very responsible role. As such, we will require the same standards as those that are required of the board of directors as well as any of our employees who have fiduciary responsibility (or work with children). This means that committee volunteers must agree to subscribe to the code of conduct and agree to a background check.
Thank you so much for those that are willing to help in this regard. This should be a very positive move forward.
If anyone is interested in joining the committee please contact us at 603-726-3082 or [email protected]